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About Smolny Institute

Main Information

The date of the educational organization establishment: October 22, 1998

Short information about the educational organization:

Smolny Institute was established in 1998 at the proposal of academician N. D. Nikandrov, the President of the Russian Academy of Education. Russian Academy of Education acted as the founder of Smolny University. In 2004 the Holding Company “Elektrokeramika” and the Business Center “Polyustrovsky” became strategic partners in the organization of Smolny Unviversity’s activities (195197, Saint-Petersburg, 59 Polyustrovsky avenue).

In 2009, according to the decision made by the Presidium of Russian Academy of Education and the board of directors of the Holding Company “Elektrokeramika”, Innovative research and education center “Smolny Institute University” was set up. On the one hand, the creation of that center allows Russian Academy of Education to have one more experimental platform for innovations.

On the other hand, the use of intellectual resources of Russian Academy of Education and the attraction of most talented young people into scientific and industrial activities of the holding will increase its efficiency and transform the Holding from the highly specialized company into the multifunctional industrial center.

Today Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education is fairly considered as one of the most multidisciplinary universities. The Institute implements educational activity in nine areas: humanities and social sciences, education and pedagogy, culture and art, economics and management, computer science and computer technology, the service of vehicles. Our university prepares the bachelor degree specialists in 10 programs, diploma specialists and master degree students of informational systems. 

Location of the educational organization:

Legal address: 195197, Saint-Petersburg, Polyustrovsky pr., 59
Actual address: 195197, Saint-Petersburg, Polyustrovsky pr., 59

Information on the working hours of the educational organization

Departments and services works:
Monday-Friday 9:30-18:00; Saturday 9:30-17:00
The schedule of departments and faculty is in accordance with classes’ time schedule;

Sunday is a day-off.

Lunch break 13:00-13:30


Contact information

Tel.: 8 (812) 540-69-84
Fax: 8 (812) 540-14-03

Email: smun@smun.spb.ru

Information on the branches of the educational organization:
There are no branches of the educational organization.