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Educational Activity

Smolny Institute implements educational activity within nine enlarged directions:
  • Humanities

  • Social sciences

  • Education and pedagogy

  • Economics and management

  • Informational security

  • Informatics and computer technology

  • Service

  • Transport vehicles

Scientific Activity

The main goals and objectives of scientific activity of Smolny Institute are the development of science with research and creative activity of faculty and students, the rise of the level of professional training of specialists, the preparation of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical workers.

International Activity

International activity of Smolny Institute

International activity of Smolny Intitute is planned and implemented according to the strategic goals and objectives, which are formulated with the concept of international activity of Smolny Institute for the period 2016-2020.

Smolny Institute is defined as a University of

  • high quality education;

  • ethical-ecological (noospheric) education and upbringing;

  • international friendship, harmony and peacekeeping;

  • innovation platform of international cooperation.

The aim of Smolny Institute is to actively enter into the worldwide educational and scientific space and considers international cooperation as one of the priority areas of activity.